Personalised Light Box Welcome To The Wedding Sign

Celebration Illumination

Personalised Light Box “Welcome To The Wedding” sign is a charming addition to any marriage ceremony, offering custom-text illuminated LED signage that adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the occasion. Measuring 300mm wide, 150mm tall, and 70mm deep, this bespoke signage serves as the perfect greeting for guests as they arrive. Its soft glow and personalised design create a welcoming atmosphere, setting the tone for a memorable celebration. Whether used as part of the wedding planner’s signage or as a standalone feature, this light box adds a special touch to the event. With the option of USB or battery power, this portable lighting solution can be easily placed at the entrance or displayed anywhere throughout the venue, ensuring it shines brightly throughout the festivities. Perfect for couples looking to add a personal and heartfelt element to their special day, this personalised wedding welcome  light box is sure to leave a lasting impression on guests.


  • Portable super bright LED lightbox
  • Battery  (3 x AA not incl) – USB  (2m cable provided)
  • 300 wide x 150 tall  x 70mm deep – 0.3kg
  • Self stand or wall hang. Easy access side switch.
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