Personalised Light Box Sports Fan Rugby Zone

Rugby Fan Lighting

The Personalised Light Box “Sports Fan Rugby Zone” is an essential accessory for any rugby enthusiast’s space, offering a custom-text illuminated LED room sign that adds an extra touch of excitement to the atmosphere. Measuring 300mm wide, 150mm tall, and 70mm deep, this bespoke signage serves as the perfect focal point for showcasing their passion for rugby. Its bright display and personalized design create an immersive experience for rugby fans, transforming any room into a dedicated “Rugby Zone.” With the option of USB or battery power, this rugby fan decor portable lighting solution ensures easy placement anywhere in the room, providing comforting illumination for nighttime games or adding a dynamic flair to daytime gatherings. Whether it’s for game day celebrations or everyday inspiration, this personalised light box is a must-have for any rugby player or supporter.


  • Portable super bright LED lightbox
  • Battery  (3 x AA not incl) – USB  (2m cable provided)
  • 300 wide x 150 tall  x 70mm deep – 0.3kg
  • Self stand or wall hang. Easy access side switch.
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