Personalised Light Box Boys Room Space

Galactic Glow

Personalised Light Box “Boys Room Space” is a stellar addition to any young astronomer’s bedroom, offering a custom-text illuminated LED room sign that brings the wonders of space right into their personal space. Measuring 300mm wide, 150mm tall, and 70mm deep, this bespoke signage doubles as a night light with its captivating space theme design. Its bright display and cosmic aesthetic create an enchanting atmosphere that ignites curiosity and fuels dreams of exploration. With the option of USB or battery power, this portable personalised boys room lighting solution can be easily placed anywhere in the room, providing a comforting glow for bedtime or adding a touch of cosmic inspiration to playtime. Perfect for aspiring astronauts or anyone with a passion for the cosmos, this personalised light box is sure to be a stellar hit in any boys’ room.


  • Portable super bright LED lightbox
  • Battery  (3 x AA not incl) – USB  (2m cable provided)
  • 300 wide x 150 tall  x 70mm deep – 0.3kg
  • Self stand or wall hang. Easy access side switch.
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