Light Box Private Sign

No Entry

Ensure confidentiality and restrict access with our Light Box Private Sign, an illuminated LED signage solution designed for commercial and professional environments. Measuring 300 wide by 150 tall by 70mm deep, this bright and clear sign is perfect for marking offices, restricted areas, or confidential rooms, effectively communicating that access is limited. Its sleek design and prominent illumination make it easily visible, enhancing security and privacy within your workspace. Powered by USB or batteries, this versatile and portable sign can be placed wherever needed, offering flexible installation options. Ideal for any setting where privacy is paramount.


  • Workspace Place Lighting
  • Restrict Access Keep Out
  • Unique Home Lighting
  • For Privacy In Your Space
  • Portable super bright LED lightbox
  • Battery  (3 x AA not incl) – USB  (2m cable provided)
  • 300 wide x 150 tall  x 70mm deep – 0.3kg
  • Self stand or wall hang. Easy access side switch.

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